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Søren Korsgaard, author of America’s Jack the Ripper: The Crimes and Psychology of the Zodiac Killer, has spent years studying and interviewing serial killers including Ian Brady and Michael Swango. He writes about a wide range of topics including fluoridation, geopolitics, handwriting and statement analysis, and health. He is the webmaster of www.criminalprofiling.org and www.radiansandinches.com. Whenever he can, he travels to rural cities in Africa. Søren may be contacted via Editor@RadiansANDInches.com.





Ricardo Gomez is an aficionado of the Zodiac killer case who also delves into other cases. As the iconic administrator of www.MK-ZODIAC.com, he conducts Project MK-ZODIAC: An Investigation of the Zodiac Killer. Ricardo is a meticulous researcher who was the first to discover a hidden clue purposely embedded in one of the Zodiac’s letters almost fifty years ago.







Dr. Mark G. Hewitt, DBA, is a true crime author and award-winning public speaker who travels the world in his quest for intriguing, unanswered questions and enduring mysteries. Dr. Hewitt founded Radians & Inches in 2009 and served as the editor in chief for eight years. He is the author of the three-volume Zodiac Serial Killer Series, HUNTED: The Zodiac Murders, PROFILED: The Zodiac Examined, and EXPOSED: The Zodiac Revealed. With inmate Guillermo Mendez, he is the co-author of Charles Manson Behind Bars, the first Manson book from the inside. He has earned a BA in Theology, a M.Div. in Ministry, and an MBA and a DBA in Business Administration.